I have been traveling and can not use my firestick at hotels tried numerous times watching video after video to no avail is there a way to download something on my laptop or iPhone to cast to the hotel tv?

Hi all
I have been traveling a lot and hotels seem to ban the use of firestick I watched numerous videos but to no avail
Is there something I can download onto my laptop or iPhone than cast to a hotel tv?

Why won’t your firestick work? Should be a matter of plugging the firestick into the HDMI ARC port, then if the TV does not automatically recognize the firestick you will have to change the input with the tv remote. Once firestick is recognized and loads then go to settings>network and choose the ID/name/SSID of the hotel internet and click on it, then enter the password and wait for a connection. If you connect, and hopefully have a VPN on your Firestick, then open the VPN and choose the location/city you want to connect to and connect. I use VPN Safety Dot to keep me informed about the state of my VPN connection.

The problem is there are no input buttons on the tv remote, i did however find hdmi on the tv but it’s good for chrome cast , it doesn’t recognize my firestick
The hdmi input is on the wall not on the tv, there is no way to turn tv and bottom of tv no buttons to change hdmi

The hotel probably has a master remote somewhere with port finding ability. As a Marriot maintenance engineer for many years we frequently changed out the elaborate remotes for more basic ones so guests wouldn’t mess with the TV settings. Ask the front desk and they may be able to help.

Thank you, I notice all the hotels changing to an unknown remote

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That’s typical. I would give about 6 original TV remotes to the front desk and then when a savvy guest would ask for the original remote they were charged $20 and refunded when returned.

I always travel with a programmable universal remote just for this issue.


I definitely will now
Thx for the responses

I had tv remote loaded on my phone, when I was at the local bar I’d change the channel on the tv I was watching. Owner thought the tv was messed up.

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You tube has full length movie’s that you can cast to TV’s never tried it in motel might be blocked some how they want you to rent from them

Don’t you need a subscription now for additional watching?

You can get a subscription from you tube but they do have free movies and tv shows. I mean the hotel/motels want you to rent from them hope that clears that up for you

I’m able to get it to work in hotels by using the controls on the TV. There is usually an input button on there.

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