Hulu tv & movies not playing correctly mecool km3

When I try to play a tv show or a movie using Hulu the sound is perfect but the picture is all snowy and blury. I can see images behind the snow once in a while. I am using a MeCool KM3. I have tried it with my IpVanish on a off with the same results. I think it is a setting in the KM3 because they will play fine on my KM6. Any help?

Hey @w_whitesell Are you swapping out your KM3 for your KM6…or is your 6 connected elsewhere? Trying to eliminate cables/connections 1st…

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I do not use Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. to view programming on their respective streaming sites. Anything that is streaming on their streaming sites, I watch via Oath, The Crew, or Marauder on Kodi without any problem what-so-ever. Just my two cents worth.

They are on different tv’s. I have tried it on 2 different tv with 2 different mecool km3 and same results.

Copy…then this statement should eliminate HDMI cables/ports/tv’s. The Hulu shows work fine on your KM6 but not on either KM3. Have your KM3s ever worked ok with Hulu…or did you just get the service (or the boxes) & find out they don’t?

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