How to Watch Samsung TV Plus on Firestick


What is the trick or secret to getting the EPG to work. On both IPTV players you mention in the guide the EPG loaded on install but disappeared a day or two later.

In my TiViMate I use the following Samsung epg that is well maintained, but I also have 19 other epg’s loaded and active in every playlist. That way one one goes down others pick up the slack and I can search to find epg for channels that are missing one.

Hmm, that’s what I have. When I click update in settings it spins for a while, says update complete but guide has no data.

Mine is fully loaded. Make sure you’ve used upper case where shown in the provided link. Then make sure it’s been enabled in the playlist.

Case matches.

I’m a new user, how do I make sure it’s been enabled in the playlist?

Are you using TiViMate?

yes I am using TiViMate

Settings>Playlists>click on Samsung>Scroll down> click EPG sources>activate as many or as few epgs as you like depending on what you’ve installed.