How to Use Real-Debrid on Kodi & APKs

100% agree with what you say @AMD237 We hear it over and over again…you don’t need a VPN to use Real-Debrid. People who say this probably haven’t read their privacy policy.


I use IPVanish while using real-debrid as I didn’t trust it, but when I renewed my subscription I did it on my phone and didn’t use my VPN while I did it.

So why is Real Debrid the main one spoken about everywhere? I used to use Premiumize and Real Debrid together and for the past year haven’t renewed my Real Debrid as Premiumize had a 2-year promotion that I took advantage of so I am good until June 2025. Is Real Debrid better than Premiumize?

I saw the recently posted article about the privacy concerns with real Real-Debrid. However, this information is not new. It has been there for a very very long time. Why is it suddenly an issue now? Nobody reads fine print anymore I guess.

I don’t agree with paying by Bitcoin directly from your coinbase account. That is straight up risky! If there is a genuine legal issue at hand, they can easily trace your Bitcoin transaction directly to your coinbase account with a court issued warrant. The publicly available blockchain information will lead law enforcement directly to your Coinbase account no matter what VPN you are using. This is a proven fact and an effective law enforcement procedure.

I would recommend transferring all of your cryptocurrency to a crypto wallet. And then washing it through a Bitcoin tumbler if you are using Bitcoin and pay with the tumbled Bitcoin. Otherwise, exchange your cryptocurrency for Monero coins. Monero coin is proven truly anonymous. Then transfer your Monero coin to a Litecoin (LTC) address not associated or connected to your Coinbase account or your real identity. Real-Debrid accepts Litecoin cryptocurrency. Litecoin transactions are cheaper and faster than Bitcoin.

In conclusion, your transaction will be truly anonymous and protected.

The Paranoia in this forum is strong. I’ve been using Real Debrid for at least 5 years WITHOUT a VPN. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. The Boogeyman is not coming for you. And I’m paying with a personal credit card. Geezus


Hello, no it is not better than Premiumize but it is cheaper and main reason why people use it compared to that. We did a comparison and both brought in the same # of links.

My main reason for doing this is to keep my personal info out of the hands of the Real-Debrid operators. Same with purchasing IPTV services, Syncler subscription, etc.

There’s one HUGE problem will Real-Debrid. You are downloading movies or tv shows to their servers. Most of these are being downloaded from illegal torrent sites. There’s a big difference between streaming and downloading when it comes to copyright laws in the USA. What happens when rd gets shut down and they have a year of logs for all of their users along with ip addresses connected to every download? Regarding bitcoin payments it’s not as simple as going to coinbase and asking for data. They would still need to trace the bitcoin payment back to that and I highly doubt they would spend the amount of time required to do that. They would pluck the lowest hanging fruit first. This is why I don’t use real debrid. I use Premiumize and yes they are more expensive but if you pay for a year not as bad. Plus their privacy policy is much better.

Here they both are. A lot of the same terminology said maybe in a different way?

Real-Debrid: Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

One minor difference. I am not downloading to MY device, nor am I distributing a complete copyrighted product from any device I own. This is where the torrent grey area begins. They don’t yet care about individual users like us. Plex shares of copyrighted material, are far worse, and their focus is on those “profiting” from their downloads, like the apps we use, and that isn’t me. It’s also why Troy and others like myself stipulate the use of a VPN at all times. I had my own Torrent site in the late 90’s when it was the wild wild west of sharing. 25 years later the only thing that has changed is the tech.

I try to pay using crypto with Coinbase but I’m charged a fee that’s double the price of subscription. Is this normal Andor how do I avoid this fee

It must be recent. I am going to find an alternative to Coinbase because of it. The fees are ridiculous now.

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This has nothing to do with Coinbase fees. It’s the Bitcoin network fee and high right now due to all the trading on the network. It will slow down once this Bitcoin bull run is over and be a couple bucks.

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Thanks for clarifying Troy! Someone in here said the CashApp still had low Bitcoin fees, so I assumed it was just Coinbase. Makes me feel better to hear you say it should be just temporary. It is my preferred way to pay now.

I also didn’t realize the fees go up and down with the market, I thought they were set per the provider. Always learning here at Troypoint! :face_with_monocle:

Apologies if asked. I looked around and couldnt seem to find topic about my question. If i link my real debrid with kodi, do i also have to link real debrid with every add on i add to kodi, or does linking it with kodi automatically link it to add ons within kodi? Hope this makes sense.

I linked to every add on.

Depends if you use a Build or Addons. With the Build I have been using for several years I only need to Authorize RD one time.

Hey Troy there’s just one problem, if you disable or turn off the vpn that same rd account will show your original isp info. So say I make a whole new account with vpn on. It shows ss as my isp, but Then I turn it off afterwards (bc the device I use I need to access stuff and site blocking happens) rd will change it back to the isp. If I turn ss on again it will see ss. So creating a whole new account for privacy is unnecessary, unless you never plan on turning off the vpn. Just thought you should know.

Yes, I understand that but I never turn off VPN on my streaming device so it’s not a problem. If I do turn it off, as long as I don’t use Real-Debrid it’s not going to detect the IP Address change.

I make it a habit to go into my RD account every couple of weeks and delete all the downloads and records. There’s a red X at the top right of the lists that you click to clear the pages. First time I found this there must have been 10 pages each.