How to use ethernet cable

Right now i run on wifi my internet box is to far away do i need that to hook up cable or am i stuck with wifi

You can use a Cable to USB , you don’t say which device you are using but you can find USB/Ethernet adapters which work well , I have used them on Android TVs with good performance.

I ran an extra ethernet about 45ft from my bedroom to the Livingroom where my box is located. I was a little concerned about the lengthy run, but everything works perfectly. I read somewhere as long as you keep the run under 100’ you should be fine?

Ok thanks for the info

Powerline adapters work great.I use them instead of wifi. It runs through your electrical outlets.


If you’re going to do a long run of ethernet, look into cat6a. It’s rated faster over longer distances. There’s also 6e and 7 but they’re not really recognized as viable standard yet.

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So that powerline adapter u just plug into outlet than plug into tv no need to run long ethernet cable from internet box to tv

Hello, see this page for a video on setup - How To Setup Powerline Adapter for Ethernet Connection (Fast Streaming)


Thanks for info on powerline adapter might have to try that sounds alot better than running 60 feet of ethernet cable now another mentioned 2000 model your post mention 1000 i am using a 2nd gen firestick thinking of moving up to 4k max

I’ve also used a powerline adapter for years to get signal up two floors, and yes it does work great.

Ya what one are u using

Linksys Plek500

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