How to understand the NFL links on the Kodi add-on The Crew

When I’m in The Crew Kodi add-on I click on an NFL game and when the links are displayed I can’t understand what they mean. I had to go down the list of about 20 links before I found the one that played the best. Can anyone explain what the information in the links means? These links are different than the ones displayed for movies or TV shows.

I was wondering the same. I thought the one (UK) was for England, and (GR) maybe for Germany. The rest of them I have no idea. I have found the one (BS) to be the most stable and does not buffer.

To clarify…I understand most of the link it’s just very end of it where it lists abbreviations. What do the abbreviations mean?

Yeah…I found the AM one worked well for me during one game but then that wasn’t an option on another. I’ve searched everywhere for some insight into the meanings.

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