How to prevent setting a PIN on FireTV?

I’m part of a crew responsible for a maintaining a vacation rental. The main TV has a FireTV OS.
One of our guests set a PIN on it, which made the next family kinda pissed off because they couldn’t watch anything. I spent an hour on the phone walking the renter on how to reset the TV.

I still have a couple of Firesticks left so I tried, without succeeding, finding a method of preventing setting up a PIN.

Anybody have a suggestion on how to do this?
(Buying a brand new ‘dumb TV’ isn’t in the budget. Are dumb TVs even available anymore?)

You could try charging a fee to the renter who does that. See if that stops it.

I think I have an idea of what you can do but I need to test it out. Remind me if I don’t come back and update this later.

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