How to pair firesticksto remotes?

I have numerous generations of fire sticks. What is the easiest way to restore each remote and firestick to factory default and match them to each other. W[date=2021-11-27 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]ould like to gift them to people!

Hello @Medic511 This is what I do. Factory Reset - Settings / My Fire TV / Reset to Factory Defaults. Then, I sign into the Fire TV under my Amazon account. I install TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer and then Unlinked. With those two apps, they should be able to get everything they want. If you want to take it a few steps further, you can setup Real-Debrid for them and IPTV as well. Once done, deregister your Amazon account on the device. When they first power it on, they will be prompted to login with their Amazon account and everything you setup will be there.


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