How to make Different groups from a playlist with Tivimate

When you install a playlist to Tivimate that don’t have different groups with in it like for sports , UK , USA , etc . Is their a way to make you own groups from those kinds of playlists ?

long press somewhere on the guide, scoll down to create group

I added a group but how do you add channels to that group ?

same long press and scroll down to copy channels, check all the ones you want and with controls on remote you can move them to your new group. Dig around a little more and you can arange them etc

The best way to master tivimate is one by one goto every section and look at options, long press is not easy if not known, I found it by playing around till I figured it out. Others in here might have a simpler way.

If you get ambitious, you can try IPTV Boss. It is the bomb at doing everything you describe, but takes a bit of learning curve. You can do it the manual way as well, it is more simple but takes a bit longer. It is easiest if your IPTV provider cared enough about the service to break down the groups in a very organized manner.

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I played around with it an got the channels into the groups . I like tivimate but their is a lot to absorb . Thanks for your help guys .