How to Install UK Turks V1.1.1 on Firestick/Android TV (2024)

They will

I have run into similar problems that other users have reported. Namely, that I downloaded the app and installed it following Troy’s instructions and it worked perfectly on the day that he posted the information. As of today, however, Sunday February 4th, the live TV option no longer works. I did get the PIN code and I got real debrid hooked up and as I said it worked perfectly at first. I was even able to choose an external player for movies and that worked beautifully. Also using surfshark. So it looks like the live TV option no longer works, which for me is a deal-breaker because I stream movies from other better sources than UK Turks.

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I downloaded it at first and it had no ads. However UKTurks suddenly disappeared and I had to reinstall. It works OK now and since I turned on my CleanWeb in SS we’ll see if they pop up. I still use Stremio as my primary but this really seems towork well

Me again. Based on one of the users comments above I reinstalled UK Turks and when I went to the site for the pin authorization code it does say that the code is only valid for 3 hours. And of course that only applies to the live TV features of this app. Has anyone found a permanent pin authorization code that they would like to share?

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dont think there is one

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Yes I did. Is it time sensitive? Tried all day today but still can’t get live TV. All else works.

Same here!!

Sorry, Raddnt, but yes, the PIN authorization code for Live TV only lasts for three hours. I suspect that signing up for the premium Service provides a PIN which lasts as long as your subscription does. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thanks for clearing this up. A little deceiving on their advertising. Free is not free. Too good to be true. I’m in Ecuador for a couple months and it would have been nice to see home, US, networks. Not worth their fee to me.
Any other apps that ARE free for live TV?

Sorry, no free live TV apps that I know of. IPTV services are available, but charge for their services, which is understandable, but are still much more affordable than any cable or satellite option. You can search Troypoint for a list of recommended IPTV providers.

There are many free live TV apps out there. Just search for live TV. Not to mention lots of free M3U and M3U8 playlists that can be added to TiViMate. We’ve discussed this a lot over the years. Play with the search and you’ll be surprised.

Try Mad Titans. Worked for me for live TV.

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Thanks, raddnt, I tried it and it does have quite a lot of variety to choose from. I never looked at it before cuz I thought it was only sports.

I thought the same. After being disappointed with UK Turks I tried this. It still works. Being in Ecuador for another month, it’s nice to see some faces from “home”.

After having issue with UK Turks v1.1.1 ranging from windows security blocking it to problem with a 2nd gen Firestick 4k Max, I downloaded v1.1.2 today from (thanks Pirate77) and everything is working fine now!

Installed UK Turks apk on my firestick in the hopes of having as decent free live (broadcast/network) TV streaming option. Appeared to work great… until the next day. You have to renew the token on a daily basis!!!

So, uninstall and keep looking!

Free and Good is hard to find. When you do find it (think USTV Go) the internet police move quickly to shut it down.

Too true!