How to install RSS Player in firestick

RSS player is working for android TV box, but I can’t install it with Firestick.

please provide info how to install, even so I already follow step to jail break firestcik


Tried to install on my Fire TV Cube, when I search for RSS player, it shows up, but nothing is there to install.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

I was able to install, but it won’t launch, any ideal?

hello Miki, I went and followed all your directions to install rss player with no luck. Even looked under rai, downloader, filesynced apktime and aptoid and still no luck. Anyplace I did find it i could not get it to download?

The APK pure link didn’t work for you. I’ll try installing it on my Max now and see what happens. Ok I installed it and tried to open it and it starts and immediately shuts off. So let me hunt for another source. No luck. I found RSS Player for Android TV but no luck. So now I’ll install it on my phone and see if I can then use apps2fire and send it to my Max.

Ok so I was able to install it on the Max, but it turns out RSS Player will not run on a device without the Google Playstore installed. So if you want to use it in a FireTV OS like the 4K Max you first have to install the Playstore. Search for posts on how to do this if you want.

thanks a bunch for checking that out.

It’s doable but you just need to install the Playstore on your Amazon devices.

Dont think you can install google play store on the firestick. Also, this isnt a best choice for players.

It is possible to install the playstore on my Max but nothing I want to do as it requires installing 4 different components. I agree RSS Player doesn’t seem to have a strong following.

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