How to Install Launch on Boot APK on Firestick (Custom Launcher Hack)

This guide shows how to install Launch On Boot APK on Firestick and Android devices.


This works great except my Firestick 4K always opens from sleep mode to the profiles screen of which I have 3 users. When I open my profile it goes straight to the normal Amazon Firestick Home Screen. So then I have to relaunch Wolflauncher. Defeats the purpose of using this new workaround. I wish there was a way to stop it from going into sleep mode.

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You can prevent going to sleep using the ADB Shell in Troy’s RAI. Do a search on line and you’ll find many articles and vids on using the ADB Shell and entering the proper commands.

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Well mine works fine on my 4K and my old firestick 2nd gen but on my third gen firestick running os it works on the test mode on launch on boot and when you put it to sleep but starting from being switched off a while it fails , even tried atv launcher but it does the same any ideas ? Rob