How To Install APK On Android Without Google Play Store

Originally published at: How To Install APK On Android Without Google Play Store in 2021

This guide will show you how to install APK on Android without using the Google Play Store. There are thousands of Android applications available that aren’t available for install through Google’s app store. We can “side-load” those onto our devices very easily by simply using an Internet browser and a file manager. This tutorial is…

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Hi Troy , as a long time fan of yours i am still having trouble with my Mecool M8S proit is still stopping me using the app downloader that you made for us . I cannot find any way to disable that intruding check or how to get it to allow stuff from you, despite several days woking on it. As a 77yr old i would be lost without the assistance I have had from your tutorials

Hello @michael1942 Can you please provide exact details what the screen is saying? Are you using the Downloader App or my TROPOINT App? Please provide as much detail as possible and I will try to help. Thank you.

i am using the troypoint app . on screen a window pops us saying google play protection allow this app to install , I click on allow and sit and quick as a flash nothing happens , Then i have to go back , start again and same thing over and over

Ummm meant to add this , is there any way i can shut down that darn google protection thing ???