How to get surround sound?

Are there any steaming boxes that have RCA outputs for a surround sound amp?

I found a converter that converts HDMI to composite, but it only does 1080p.
And a 1 to 2 HDMI splitter. Could I use these to get 4K video by running an HDMI cable to the splitter and then an HDMI cable for the sound to the RCA converter and another HDMI cable to the TV for the video?


Why in the world do you want to convert to RCA? This tells me your AVR is very old and doesn’t have HDMI inputs. Which means you are splitting audio and video so that your video goes straight to the TV and your audio goes to your AVR. You are probably going to run into issues with this even if you do split it like that. My advice is if you’re going to go through all the trouble and have that many cables running everywhere you may as well just do it right and upgrade your AVR. Find one that can passthrough 4K video, is Dolby Vision / HDR capable, and TrueHD audio capable.


As always, Jay gets right to the heart of the matter. Several years ago, like Darwin I was wrestling with an ancient RCA A/V receiver from Radio Shack that had no HDMI in or out. Found a refurbished Denon A/V receiver for a “song” and never looked back. More surround sound (but not TrueHD) from a Firestick 4K than I will ever need.

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It isn’t an A/V receiver - it’s an old surround sound amp, audio only. I didn’t know there were A/V receivers. I’ll look into that. Thank you very much for educating me

Thanks, I’ll abandon my plan and look for a modern A/V receiver.

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