How to find out what service is a rebrand of?

Not sure of its possible to ask but I’m trying to subscribe to a service.
They only accept Bitcoin via Coinbase.
I’m so lost when it comes to crypto. I must’ve bought $25-30 USD and when trying to pay it keeps saying I don’t have enough monet to send $9 worth of bitcoin? I’ve always paid for services via p*ypal or throwaway debit cards.

I wanted to know if I could post their xtream code url to see if anyone knows if they’re a rebrand of someone else that does accept other forms of payment?


Hey @dab8g25 Private Message me & I’ll see if it’s in my long list of trials/services… :cowboy_hat_face:

okay will do…


there are plenty of good services out there not requiring crypto just need a good search. But as always its good to ask around and never believe the hype on their sites :thinking:

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If its not legal we cant post it here. Thank you for using the pm system :slight_smile:

there’s plenty of them that take debit cards, I ran into same thing I chose somebody else, apparently they don’t want your money.

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