How to factory reset the onn 4K box

According to the directions, you long press the button on the box, then power it on for 5 seconds & a screen with directions on how to do a factory reset is supposed to be displayed. When I tried that, all I get is the home screen listing my apps. I do have the Wolf launcher installed, could that be the problem, or is there another way to reset the box?

Are you holding the button in while you power it back up? At least 5sec.

Yes. I hold it in longer than that, but nothing happens.

Use voice command to open up settings, then you can go in and straighten things out, even reset the device

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Getting into settings is easy enough, but I don’t see an option to do a factory reset. Am I missing something?

There was an issue involving a black screen, almost making device a brick, but you can use voice function to get into settings.

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look in About, that maybe wherre it is.

Voice command didn’t work for me. It was active but did not open the “home screen” ot the “settings” screen. I don’t really know how or why, all of a sudden, the settings screen appeared and, when It did, I did a factory reset. All is good at the moment.

My ONN 4K stopped seeing the wifi even though it was signed on and nothing would load including “Analiti” not finding a connection to measure. Wanting to do a “Factory Reset” there is no button on my ONN 4K so I found “Factory Reset” under ‘settings’>‘system’>‘about’>‘factory reset’. You will get warnings that you will lose everything but you have no other choice. Now to start over again.

I have that “black screen” issue right now. If I unplug then replug in the onn box, I get the onn screen for a few seconds, then the Google tv logo screen, then the screen goes black & that’s it. So basically it’s bricked. If you found a solution, I would be extremely grateful if you’d list the steps you used to fix it. Otherwise, I will have to trash this one & buy another. I hope someone can help me out.


Never mind, I figured this one out.

Did u use voice and go to settings?

Yeah, that’s why I posted the never mind. The problem turns out that the box doesn’t recognize my usb external storage anymore. I must have messed up a setting. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to get the box to reconnect to the storage without having to do a whole reset. Thanks anyway.

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I’ve put a message on here that explains how i got it to work.

For whatever reason adding the wolf launcher made my icons black out and my internet stop working. Trying to vocally open settings wouldn’t work since it wasn’t connecting to my internet. Other ideas?

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Same thing happened to me with Wolf Launcher on the ONN Box. I can’t remember what I did but this was a widespread issue here and somebody posted a fix but I do not remember exactly what it was. It may have been removing the power adapter and then reconnecting it and at the same time holding down the small button on the box at the same time until the reset menu comes up. anyway got it to work and now I just put it into Apps Mode which is similar to a Launcher

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Hello yesterday I got the 4K onn box. I was dl apps from Troy’s toolbox and somehow I openedthe launcher manager prematurely. I thought I hit the home button but I think I set it instead. It boots up and I see a black screen. I cannot get out of it. Voice command says not connected to the internet right now. How can I factory reset externally or did I just brick a device ??? Please help!!


Walmart replaces it at least they did for my friend who this happened to

I ran into the exact same problem and tried a bunch of stuff. I was hoping I could factory reset it. It looks like you can get into recovery by holding the button while it boots, but the remote does not work so I could not select factory reset. Letting go of the button would select “boot”. I even tried to hook up a USB keyboard via an OTG cable but it was not recognized.

What worked for me was pressing the Netflix button. This brought up an error abut “no internet” and let me set up my WiFi again. Then I tried the voice trick to open settings. I listed apps and went to launcher manager and disabled the custom launcher. Once I was back I installed Flauncher and set it up. It works well now.

Bonus: no factory reset was required.

I see your post is from November. I hope you got it all straightened out.

Thanks to all the contribute to the collective knowledge.