How to end autostart of IPTV

Any Idea how to disable the auto start of my IPTV when booting up my android box?
The Ahole that I purchased it from and set it up, has absolutely Zero support.
Thanks in advance

What iptv player are you using. I doubt auto start is enabled, or can be enabled, by the provider. Autostart should be in the player settings like TiViMate.

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Smarters iptv I’ve searched

Home > Launcher settings > Startup App > set to “none”
Now after one of the latest Smarters updates it’s been stated that you can only change this setting in the paid version. The above is just some things to try, but I don’t use Smarters so can’t verify if these work. I use TiViMate.

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Unfortunately, under settings tab it only brings up an option for premium version
Those credentials I am not privy to

Ya sorry. Apparently after the latest updates users inform me that you can’t turn it off, only on the premium version.

Do you have the IPTV credentials? If you uninstall Smarters for Tivimate, you should have many more options. And it is a better IPTV player in general.

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IPTV Smarters Pro is available on the RAI, which has the settings you’re looking for.

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Thanks for everyone’s input!
I think my hands are tied, since I do not have log in credentials, downloading a alternative version would prompt me to “log in”, not knowing that info, I’m guessing I’m screwed. When this sub expires I’ll be asking suggestions on where to purchase …mate

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One of my lesser used 4Ks has Smarters version and under “Settings” and then “General Settings”, there is the “AutoStart on Bootup” setting to uncheck (in your case). What version did you say you are currently running?

Yes on Smarters pro Amd is correct. Go to settings ,then General and it’s the first one just like in the picture. 3.1.5 version

Nice pic. What! , nobody noticed. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Thanks for your input, but without password can’t go there to do changes

Ugggggh…yea that’s a tough situation to not have the password. It may be worth starting over either on a new box or new app with new service, just so you aren’t trapped.

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