How to delete FirePlus downloaded content?

I installed Film+ and downloaded a 1.5G movie. It gave an error message and would not play but I could not access the X to delete it either. After looking everywhere, and trying to find where downloads are stored, I deleted and reinstalled Film+ to get the name of the player used as MX player wasn’t an option on installation. Knowing ExoPlayer didn’t help either as I can’t find access to it. The download no longer shows on Film+ of course. I really don’t want to reset to factory settings but I would like to free up that 1.5G! Thanks for any help and thank you, Troy…

First of all @SharalynnSully welcome to this great community. If you download es file explorer off of Troy’s rapid app installer you should be able to easily locate this file and delete it. Good luck :+1:

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Thank you Papa S! I couldn’t find ES file explorer but FX file explorer did the trick.

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