How to Backup Kodi

I am using Kodi Backup set up and want to backup Kodi to an external USB Drive, connected to my Firestick. I browsed to the USB drive using Backup and created Folder called Kodi. However, when I do this I get the following error. “Make sure the selected folder is writeable and that the new folder name is valid.” When I did try to backup it produces another error saying some of the files were not backed up. When I check the folder using X-plore it shows nothing was backed up. However, when I went back into the settings and used the the internal memory, I could create the folder Kodi and it backed up fine. I have since copied the files in the internal memory to that external USB. I don’t want to use my internal memory for Kodi backups; so how can I make the external USB the default backup path? TIA, James

Could use the same info…

Think I read somewhere that it has to be the same type of device, i.e., if you do it with a firestick you cannot transfer it to another type of medium like an Android Box. I have three devices; a Firestick 4k Max, Firestick 4K and and an Android Mecool KM3. As I understand it you can transfer between the two Firesticks but not to the Mecool. I daresay if I am wrong someone here will point this out. :wink:


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