How to add Kodi add ons

How do you install Kodi addons when your screen goes right to the crew screen, the original kodi screen is gone newbie here thank y’all

Push the back button to exit the addon.


I installed Cman build so there is the crew there is all these different builds in this Kodi but I cannot get to the original kodi program to add some other content it looks like i need to completely uninstall the program, I tried the back button but nothing happens .

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If you have a build you have to find the Kodi settings menu. Go to the skin settings and change it back to the default (estuary). Another reason why I dislike builds.

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I had to uninstall it than loaded back on Thanks where about in Fla i am in Fort Myers

I’m in the Tampa Bay area.

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I still don’t understand why people use builds with FireTVs. They take up valuable space.

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It used to be “the thing to do” and people kept them maintained. It was a one stop shop for people that didn’t want to do all the configuration themselves. But then they all started declining. People didn’t want to manage them anymore. Add-ons would shut down. Then everyone started hating Kodi because it didn’t work right.

Eventually, if I ever have some free time again, I will do a massive Kodi walkthrough and explain all this and go over setup options today.


I use Kodi almost exclusively. APKs have gone to sh*t.
I just don’t see the need for a build.

I have been using the Grindhouse Group’s KODI Builds for almost 3 years now. Their Builds are well maintained and when addons stop being maintained they replace them. Great and timely support on their FB page as well. They also have a KODI 19 Fork so you can have 2 different KODI Builds on your device.
I’m using a T95Z Plus Box so space is not an issue for me with Builds.

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