How to access Exclusive Guides

I’m trying to watch Troy’s Digital Lizard review but can’t video to work. I am a Founding member. Not sure what I’m doing wrong!
All help would be appreciated.
Thanks for all you do.

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I don’t see an F or P on your account.

hey kitty…

Kinda gotta tell us what u tried or where yor stuk…

Hello @kittyls you must be a Patron or Founding Member to see those exclusive videos and neither of those are tied to your account.

Founding Member is from many years back if you were Fire Unleashed member and you would have received dozens of notices to accept an invitation to enter the Insider with those privileges.

I can’t access it either

Hi skook click on all categories it’s in there

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Hi, then I think I’m a Patron. Sorry, not too technical , that’s why I need you help often! I paid $20,00 a couple of years ago. Does the subscription expire?
I was able to watch the new review Troy put up about the new Firestick.
If I have to pay $20.00 again, I will. Just would like to know what’s happening!
Again, thank you.

Hello, no the subscription doesn’t expire. If you were a Patron it would be attached to your account and it isn’t. There would be no reason for this to go away unless you have multiple accounts. If that’s the case, login with the account that you registered as a Patron under.

Thank you very much. I was using the wrong email address! Sorted it now.
Again, thank you for all you and your team do to help non technical people like me. I’ve learnt so much from you.
Thanks again
Kitty Jones

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