How if possible to download tv programs to watch at later time on cinema apk

I have limited high speed data but more on off peak hours I want to use off peak data to download shows off cinema app but don’t know how or if it’s possible


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When your in cinema when there is a option to download the stream the arrow pointing down.

I use Bee TV and D/L all my TV shows and Movies I want onto a 5 TB HD (which is on my Network). Then I can watch at my leisure, either thru Kodi or whatever. But lately really enjoying using Plex to watch. Plex helps to keep track of what episode is next etc.

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Another way to do it is by phone… dwnload Cinema or BeeTV on your phn…
Use ADM manager to quickly dwnload your flick & either mirror to tv or transfer to computer then flashdrv (if u want to save or watch later)

Either method above will work but you still have to manually choose what you want to download. If you’re asking if you can set a series to automatically download new episodes I’m not sure there’s a way. But if you download anything at all make sure you’re using a VPN. If you use your phone make sure it’s active for both your mobile and wifi data.

Is is better to have all of your devices connected to the same VPN or have them on separate VPN servers?

Idk that it’s any better, but it’s certainly easier if your router is configured with a VPN so all your data is protected. Just harder to turn it off if you need to do something without it.

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