How do you record long shows in Tivimate

Whenever I try to record something long… like a football game, the playback timeline is incorrect and I am unable to fast forward, reverse or move around the timeline. How do others record something like a football game?

I am recording to my Desktop hard drive and it seems to work well unless I am recording a large file.

Also, is their still a fat32 file size limit of 4 GB when recording to my linux mint ext 4 formatted hard drive?


Hey Q…

(If u havent already)
Use the custom record…

While on the guide…
Go to the program to recrd (so it can get sum progrm info)
Hold the OK…
Down to custom recdng…
New recrdng…
Adjust the info to yor need (should have rght name if u went to th progr first)
Schedule prgrm

& yes i believe theres still a limit & a game in hd wld probly b more thn 4g


Thanks Sketch, yeah I usually use the custom recording, especially for a game or golf tournament. I guess one solution would be to setup two consecutive 2 hour custom recordings and just play each one back. I will try that next.


Yep…use custom which I do on most every recording. Example say News show starts at 7pm… I set recording to start 5 mins in advance and although its an hour show I have it record 70 minutes and also I have it set for every day m-f ,just in case I miss it.



& on the open ended games (ppv) itll say 17hrs… just put it back to 5 or so
Also when recordng long, it could be drive ovrheating…

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There seems to be a bug in Tivimate on some of the longer recordings where the timeline at the bottom of your playback will show something crazy like 0:00 to 23:00:00… I haven’t noticed that on the shorter recordings.


I have the same issues when recording a football game. Shorter shows no problem, the longer ones I cannot fast forward or rewind. Recording to my laptop. I haven’t tried the custom recording yet, will try that next.

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I tested it out last night by recording a basketball game… I set it for 2 hours followed by 1 hour recording. It worked good.

As a side note, I used to record on a firestick and it was very unpredictable. It would work one time and maybe the next time it would chop off at some random point… like 37 minutes for example.

I got a new Sony Bravia TV, ass kicking OLED, and installed everything on their Android TV 10.0 OS and Tivimate has performed flawlessly so far. Other than the time limit. Two hours seems to work pretty good so far.


Just an FYI…after reading this thread I tested my recording abilities on TiviMate…did just a normal record of a 3.5hr sporting event & no problems throughout the whole recording…android 10 on my box, if that comes into play.


That’s awesome! Which box are you using and do you record to the same box or somewhere else?

Using a KM6 Deluxe…the recording stays on TiviMate & my box, as I have plenty of internal storage. I must admit, every now & then an hour long recording misfires, but I’ve always chalked that up to my IPTV stream screwing up, for some reason or other. It’s never a big deal if it does screw up because I can watch the show from catch-up or VOD tv series from multiple sources, so I don’t record a lot. IMO, it’s usually the stream that’s dropping the monkey wrench into the gears, more so than the player.


That’s good to know. Evidently Android TV 10 OS doesn’t do 32 fat formatting. That 3.5 hour recording most likely is larger than the 4GB fat32 file size limitation.

The specs on your box look pretty sweet.

Could be…I see you now have 10…may as well try a long recording of one of the games this weekend & see what happens. I like my box…lots of folks here have been posting about hiccups on different model MeCools, but mine seems to be working flawlessly, so I’m happy with it & the good price I got it for last year.


Ive had that happen too.

I have a 2TB external hard drive formatted at fat32 and connectedto the USB. I used Troypoint set up to split the hard drive to be formatting as partially externally and internally.

I have the recording linked to the hard drive folder… When I attempt to record on Tivimate, it will only record for 3 minutes or so, then stop on it’s own. Even when. I switch to the Firestick internal drive, it does the same thing.


I would guess a buffering issue is stopping the recording and common within the firestick and recording another guess would be heat.

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Thanks for the feedback.
What is a better way to use tivimate, other than fire stick? My internet speed isn’t an issue it seems, with 22-25 upload.

personally I would use an android box with 3g min ram. External storage I would go with an SSD if recording frequently. If on wifi, wifi6 is really a good upgrade. 20 down is a good upload speed. USB flash drives are not good for recording. Remember one little hicup and your recording will stop.

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@TXRon Remember one little hicup and your recording will stop.

Are you saying that’s the nature of recording w/TiviMate or recording to a USB flash?

just recording with tivimate. Ive lost recordings due to buffering etc. Flash drives are just not good for recording video period. To get better usage go with ssd for reliability. SSD’s are more suited to frequent read/write and flash is not.