Hollywood Companies Filing Lawsuits Against VPN Providers

Hollywood companies are filing lawsuits against major VPN providers.

Due to the popularity of torrenting and streaming, Hollywood is taking VPN providers to court to remove anonymous IP addresses provided by VPNs.


This is going to be the next big thing that our community will have to put there great minds together and figure out a way to get around . Where there is a will there is a way . We will have to evolve like we have in the past to get where we are today. I don’t have a clue how but only hope someone will because I’m sure they will win with all the money and politics behind them. Obi wan Kenobi your our only hope hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :v::grin:


It’s not the vpns fault… nor should this hold up in court… This is just more control tatic crap. This wont work nor end it.


Let’s hope so but they have a lot of power and money behind them and the legislators are afraid they won’t get relected

There already is, proxy server networks like tor. Been around a long time. A vpn isnt the only way to mask your data and internet traffic.

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That means we’ll be looking for tutorials on setting up a proxy server.

On the VPN side, not all of them have a physical presence in the US.


The problem is that its not illegal to mask your ip… We also have the right to privacy on what we do. There is laws in the us and suing a vpn because someone changed their ip and accessed copyrighted material isnt the vpns fault. So if they do this they will also be attacking your rights to privacy. They should be going after the major players… They cant so instead they want to get after vpns in hopes to allow them to target everyone, thats not right. They want to continue to over inflate movies and tv shows along with cable and internet but dont want to make it cheaper or more accessible to anyone then get mad qhen we find other ways. This is a product of government overreach. It’s a fixable issue but big elites are making to much money so they rather spend all this money to go after people rather than make things affordable. It’s silly because all that will do is drive people to find new ways continue to stream and download. People really need to use their rights and understand to start going after these people. They work for you, this comes out of your tax dollars. They just take your money and screw you over.


My point about out-of-country VPN providers is that US law regarding them attempting to block protected content doesn’t apply to them…of course, their home countries may have laws against that.
But some other countries’ policy is to look the other way.

Yes, any out of country vpn these bs fake laws dont concern them. Nord vpn is based out of panama, and if they bought surfshark then it would apply to them. However even if this effected us based vpn companies they can fight this. They aren’t responsible for someone els using their software to gain pirated content. It’a not up to the vpn to babysit its userbase. So this is just a attack to to gain control.

This action has very little credibility in law. These mega-bucks lawyers representing the Hollywood studios/Producers know it. They will push it forward until it’s thrown out because they want the pay day. Suing a VPN company based on customers online activity is nonsense. It’s comparable to an ISP being sued because a customer participates in fraudulent activity online.

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I once had my own torrent site, and this stupid VPN attack is all smoke and mirrors. The MPAA tried their best to shut us down, and that failed so completely. Torrents and torrenting is not illegal, nor are VPN’s. Encryption is also not illegal. This is simply about the almighty dollar. Major studios use to release director cuts to me through back channels because they said it was the best free advertising they ever had. Their profits soared. So now it’s not about profit, it’s about the government not getting their cut. It’s laughable.


Had the same scenario many moons ago. I was offering one of the major football management games on cdr’s and ebay took offence. The company behind the game got in touch (unofficially) to advise me on a work around. They wanted as many people as possible playing that particular game, at that moment in time. Due to an impending upgrade that would mean the game no longer would be officially available in that format, they expected ‘all users’ would definitely want the new edition, so my ‘customers’ were on their radar. They even made pro graphics available to ensure my product looked the part :sunglasses::sunglasses: oh how times have changed :grin::grin:

Lol. Absolutely my friend. So much competition for the almighty dollar.

I have to admit to also being one of the first to offer copies of a certain OS on disks, but that definitely got a wee bit too ‘hot’ for my liking and I jumped ship. :joy::joy:

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Lol. When a bunch of us were approached to be a certain OS tester, we were asked. “What do you think would be the best way to prevent piracy”. My answer was easy. Stop charging $125 for a disc and sell them for $50. You will still make money but we’ll stop making “black” copies. :clown_face: :rofl:

:joy::joy::joy: indeed! Now I think we’ve went off topic, Mods will be shutting us out this thread. Say no more! Say no more :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I agree, the only way is to vote these people out of office. Everyone votes in November to start getting our rights back. Uncle Joe want everyone to suffer.

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Maybe not the right place.

But all politicians in Canada and USA are in my view R liars for hire .

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Why vpns it is legal to make radar dedectors only against law to use them . So why chase the people making the tools because they need to get them to get at cord cutters and those streaming.

Are they not making enough money already

Keep supporting vpns we will beat them