Hi whats with sappire

whats up with sapphire secure ??

I can’t get any devices to connect either! I am paid until December 14, so I’m not expired. Submitted a ticket, no automated response. When I go to their website, it says it is undergoing maintenance. Not a good sign! Already found a replacement for it.

mine is still running i was on auto pay but how long who knows

i cant even get a ticket up

They switched over to their new app. The old one won’t work. And if you use Tivimate or another 3rd party player you have to ask for the new m3u url by submitting a support ticket.

Not sure what’s going on with them. I had the service for a month late last year, but cancelled because the buffering was ridiculous. Now, after all this time, I just got an invoice, and then an automatic billing. Tried to log onto my old account…no luck. I ended up sending an email and told them to remove the charge on my CC or I would dispute it.

Mine has been working fine for all this time

I have the new app and it doesn’t work. Unable to submit a ticket to request the url. Anyone know what it is??

I’ve seen several different ones. I’m not sure if they are all unique to your username. Why can’t you submit a support ticket?

I stopped using Sapphire awhile ago because it was so balky. After several months, they are now trying to Auto-bill my credit card. I have that blocked, so they can’t. They keep sending me invoices and trying to Auto-bill, so I view that as undesirable and fraudulent behavior. I’m staying far away from that service.

Works perfect in every way, 2 years. recently new download issue hacked server 9 or so months ago other smaller server continued to work. lucky just switch over to new app. two boxes Sweet. as TroyPoint recommends to have two different services cause one will always go down and never at a good time. Auto pay never worked correctly worked didn’t work. Not taking new customers. So check your email if you currently have service.

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