Hey to the mods a?

i know of several sites that post virus free apk’s…can i let other members know about these sites?
they are wayyy ahead of the apk’s uploaded to other free sites
currently…CyberFlix_TV_AF_3_4_6_UnTouched…is posted and i’ve downloaded it and loaded to my tester wich is a X96Max…movies and series are loading w lots of links…working pretty good
not an expert like you guys but is there a way to let my fellow ember’s check out these sites?
being a dumb guy…lol…i tried to hide a direct link to the sites by putiing a // in front till i hear from the mods
just trying to help us…let me know


Post them in the lounge.


Just remember a bank robber never tells others that hes about to rob the bank :eyes: :rofl:

Just kiddin’ :eyes:…maybe. There are tons of “virus free” sites out there and others not so much…although they are too virus free…say wha… :grimacing:

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so what do you guy’s think about the 2 i posted? that cyber app is kickin it on my tester box.i’ll head over to the lounge as Miki suggested…just trying to share info

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Those are all modded apks, please stay away from them. Those sites look sketchy and i wouldn’t teyst them.

Please pm me next time on stuff like this. And please everyone dont go downloading random modded apks it can be dangerous.


Use the lounge next time please.