Help with IPTV streaming services

We someway to let members know about unreliable streaming services. I have been burned 3 times now. I know they are not perfect but some just buffer constantly. With my VPN on or off makes no difference.

Unfortunately with unverified services it’s buyer beware. If you want to test a service then try their free trial. If they don’t give one, give them a pass. If you don’t know someone using the service then only get a 1 month sub so you won’t be out much if they’re fake. Use anonymous payment methods. Join Discord and so on. In short do your homework and research, and ask a friend.


When starting out with a NEW service NEVER do more than a one month sub at first!


May I ask what VPN are you using ?

Wiregard with static IP from New York works good for me .

have you checked your internet speed?

Nvidia Shield, Tivimate, hardwired to router, Tor Guard VPN

I only do monthly no matter what. ACE is way to busy going after services.