Help, How to download from Syncler

Hi, This is my first time using a forum, so here goes. The Syncler apk is of one of the best I’ve ever used. I could not figure out or find any instructions how to download a movie from Syncler. I am using a Fire 2nd gen, so I have both a memory card and a usb external drive. I get to the screen where all the movie links are listed. I click on a link and then it has option to play or download. It plays great, but nothing happens when I click the download. Most of the help links on the Syncler website are “coming soon” Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks JCM

Have you found out yet? I ask this question a while back and crickets. I have done some digging and see people use a app called adm. Advance download manager. I sideloaded the app and tried it but it locked up my Nvidia shield pro so this may not work either. I guess the Syncler app has no way of telling the movie where to download to. But they have a download button??? If you find a work around please let me know and I will do the same. I have a lot of old Disney movies in SD and would like to make all Disney that I own 1080 or better. Good luck!

When you click download it appears to do nothing but it is downloading. Go to the Download App and you should see it.

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