Hearing aid settings

My 4K max has no setting for aids, have all updates as of 6/20/23, any ideas how I can proceed or i"m doing something wrong.

I don’t think Firesticks have the ASHA protocol required yet. I do know the Cubes and some Fire OS TVs have it and can pair to hearing aids.

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The new firecube Gen 3 has the settings. I struck out because I would have had to disconnect my hearing aids from my cellphones.

Your hearing aids won’t allow multiple device pairing?

My hearing aids paired up with my ex-wife’s whining. Gosh, and I don’t even miss her. lol

my hearing aid allows up to 8 devices. But when I tried to pair it to the Fire Cube 3 it would not pair.

So you went to the add devices setting and the cube did not find your hearing aids? What make are they and I’ll do some research. They may not use a Protocol that the cube has.

Just pair your hearing aids in the Bluetooth section of settings . Should work