Have to sign into Google for McCool KM6?

Are you required to sign into Google when setting up the McCool KM6? I don’t seem to see a way to skip it; and I’m not sure I like being signed into Google while streaming. Any help appreciated

Hi @bubbadoo
My initial guess would be if the os is AndroidTV then yes. If it runs on stock android os, then maybe not. But I think most all the MeCool products run on AndroidTV os.

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Yeah, I couldn’t figure out a way around it, so I made a new account. Now I’m trying to figure out how much big brother stuff I can shut off in it.

I have a Skystream Pro with an OS of Android TV, and I had to sign in to Google to set it up. Like Sbrowne126 said, if the OS is Android TV, you have too sign in to Google. There was no other option in the set up. I already had an account so it wasn’t a big deal.

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I’m just not a big fan of Google’s tentacles being everywhere :grin:

Just make sure your connected to a VPN when online and streaming.