Have email notification stopped

I actually have no idea where to post this. I seem to be very behind of many things and have just realized I have not received an email with new information since August. Have the emails stopped? Is there way for me to know when there is a new post? Sorry, I’m just behind, I guess.

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Check your spam folder especially if you use gmail etc. They tend to follow google in blacklisting Troypoint.

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I too have not been receiving any emails. They are not going in my spam (junk) either.

Is something broke?

No, nothing is broken and emails from the advisor are betting sent. Check your profile settings and make sure you allow emails.

I didn’t receive any e-mail this week and I always get 1 on Saturday

I don’t use Gmail. There is nothing in spam. I’m just not getting any.

I haven’t gotten any since August.

I went into my profile, changed my email address from lower case to upper case and I am beginning to get emails. ???..interesting…

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