Has Troypoint commented on the Linus video condemning Android boxes?

Linus tech tips put out a video today claiming there’s a good possibility of back doors in most Android boxes. I’m just curious if it has been discussed yet? Is there something recommended that is not on linus blacklist?

Good possibility theres back doors on anything connected to the internet, jus’ sayin’


Also, backdoors can be installed in anything inculding that 4k tv you bought. Its not just android boxes… you never know now a days. But id stay away from cheap china boxes for that reason.


Everyone always shi$s on the cheap China Boxes. I’ve had cheap china boxes for several years that are fantastic. What evidence do you have that supports your statement?

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Actually its in the news but like I said any box can have a backdoor (trojan) installed. Heck widows has been loaded with backdoors since the start :joy:

android boxes from china malware at DuckDuckGo


It can happen on anything you get, or even a bad app. Im glad you have a good experience. But its a well known fact that off brand cheap tech can be effected or manipulated. These brand of cheap boxes use a mobile version of android untelling what has done. Not saying there all like that. But just look up reviews and do some research. For news users i wouldnt recommend one.

I’m sure a lot of what you can find on a google search you can find for many devices and boxes. It’s everywhere

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I prefer a foreign government spying on me. They lack the authority to imprison me. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah they are out to imprison the mind. There is risk in everything. I just try to manage the risk.

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The only statement that I made was that Linus tech tips made of video on the topic. You can watch the video for all the evidence. My post was more of a question.

Sure back doors can be in TV. But they were not discovered in TVs like they were discovered in Android set top box. It’s one thing say it could possibly happen, it’s another thing to be actually proven and discovered.

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… yes, but its also been proven bigntech spys on you so yes your tv and all your devices by main brand items track your data and sell it to people… so in a way its proven that your tech is pretty much a giant keylogger. So to say its not in your tv is funny when voice data and search data is monitored.

My brother once said, I gotta sell my sould to Amazon or Google. I’m choosing Google for no particular reason.

Hmm…that sounds pretty risqué. At least they are practicing safe streaming?

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Maybe someone will come up with a malware manager, so i can keep them in alphabetical order… lol