Handshake failure on some channels on Iplayer

Can any body help me out with “ handshake failure on some channels on iplayer. Error doesn’t come up on all installed from repository Thanx. Can’t find anything here on this error. Installed per troypoint video

I’m not sure I completely understand the issue. Some channels get a message of “handshake failure” when you play them in iplayer?

It has something to do with the connection. Says internet portal. Handshake failure. It only does it on certain channel or like programming , live tv seems to be ok.

BBC Iplayer is a separate stand alone app to Kodi, just install that and you won’t have any further issues.

Note if you’re outside of the UK you will need a VPN set to UK.

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I’ve tried from repository , that’s where I get the failure , and I’ve installed to fire stick but get stuck on free subscription like postal codes and address etc

Like I said, Iplayer is not in Kodi, it’s available from the app store free.

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