Hacked Kodi or Trakt account?

I have Trakt linked to the movie/tv show apps I use on Kodi. I logged onto the Trakt website today and under recent activity it’s showing that I watched a movie yesterday afternoon, when I hadn’t used my Firestick nor watched that movie. I can’t seem to get any further details from Trakt about which connected app or device it came from.

Anyone else run into this problem? Do I need to be concerned about my account being hacked?

Have you ever logged in on another device? Sold a device and forgot to clear everything out? There’s probably a way to deactivate all devices in the website and then reset your password. I’ve had to do this with real-debrid but not with Trakt.

You can deactivate linked accounts by signing into the account. Under settings I believe.

You can also set to private to stop people from seeing your stuff.

I would do that change password and try again.

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I went through my list of devices in Trakt and there was one called “All Accounts” that looked suspicious. The description said “placeholder for all devices” with a recent add date of Sept 24, 2021. I couldn’t find any information if that is a legit one from Trakt or not so I went ahead and revoked it. I changed my password as well.



Good, if it wasn’t you then chances are it wasn’t.

Trakt didn’t do that. Glad you did this hopefully it gets resolved. Keep an eye on your stuff moving forward.

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