Great Cleaner for Fire Stick 4K

Does anyone know of a great cleaner for the Fire Stick 4K? Thank You all in advance for your anticipated sage assistance.

Troy’s rapid app installer includes SD Maid. Have you tried that?
I’ve been using it long before he made it available.
There’s also a 'freebie" version of Clean Master out there, but it only runs on the lower level devices. You can purchase the version that runs on the 4K from the Amazon store.

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No, I haven’t but I will give it a try. Thank you for your sage advice dnoson.

just loaded SD Maid from the Rapid App installer and tried to run it…it fried my FireTV…totally locked up…I’ve tried unplugging it (multiple times) and re-starting the FireTv but its still locked up…finally unplugged it for 5 min and then restarted…the FireTV then came up alive…tried to run SD Maid again, the app comes up but non of the options work…I don’t plan to load this on my other devices and will unload this one

Worked good for me. Special Thanks to dnoson.

Works on my fire tv 4k. It did give me a message the first time I ran it that some service couldn’t run without google play store being installed. I ignored it and now when I run it, it works just fine.

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Hi guys, I downloaded SD Maid yesterday on new Fire TV Cube and also on my 4k Fire Stick and both working fine !