Google TV and or Fire TV live TV, Plex and HomeRun

I didn’t know what category this should be under…
So if I use Plex with HomeRun tuners ( don’t really know if any others DVRs are supported by Plex) will my OTA channels appear under live TV in the “Live TV” option on my Fire OS and on my Google TV?
In the Plex media server app I believe they appear under live TV but I don’t currently have it.
Of course with my Recast they do show up under Live TV on Firestick and Plex streaming live content will appear on both.
Anyone have a Plex configuration with HomeRun that can inform me? Also while we’re at it, any other DVRs work with Plex (I admit I haven’t researched it yet)? Thanks in advance (I hope).

Well not sure about plex(but others here use it), I use Emby and the homerun tuners are added to the “whole” meaning they mix/blend in with my other iptv services. I also use channels dvr service which mixes my homerun, iptv and philo services into one… gets confusing yes :joy:

No… that helps, I think if it combines them all in Channels and it probably will with Plex too. Still would like to hear it from someone using Plex. Thanks TXRon.

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Supported DVR Tuners and Antennas | Plex Support

Yes, the OTA channels are in the “live tv” section of your Plex app, along with a DVR schedule. I am not following your other question about seeing the “live tv” in FireTV or GoogleTV?

Sure… on the Fire TV and the Chromecast and Chromecast with Google TV there is a menu option for Live TV, on the Firestick it’s the menu option with a icon that looks like a TV and is labeled Live, on the Google devices it is a option at the top named Live.

On Firestick if you select it you have to option for a guide and a list of channels from my Recast, in the guide there are all the free channels from Amazon and any app they support in the guide that you configured into the guide, Plex is in a section, Sling is in a section if you have the app and configured it on the Firestick as a live TV source.

In Google world when you select Live you drop right into the guide and all the free channels are there divided in to about two dozen categories like News, Movies etc.

Rather than separated by app categories the apps are just mixed into the categories.
Google isn’t as inclusive as Firestick in that on the Firestick I can see all the free channels from supported apps like free Sling channels in the guide, but while I have Sling on Google it is not integrated into the Live guide.

My question is with HomeRun and Plex will the OTA channels be added/integrated into the guides or will I have to open Plex to see the OTA channels, Sling works that way in that on Firestick I can see Slings free channels but the OTA from Sling is only seen in the Sling app.

Sorry if that was too long winded but I wanted to clarify as much as I could.