Good tv streaming box

anyone recommend a good tv streaming box and were to purchase please



Any box with 4gigs of ram 64 gigs plus storage quad core cpu. Andriod 9 or higher.

Nvidia shield
X88 pro
T96 max
Pendoo x12 pro

Thanks for the quick reply Dracco.

i like the fire cube 16 g memory

I bought 2 firetv’s several years ago. They have been great so far. However, with all the bloatware that Amazon is forcing down and no more OS updates, I started looking. I read Troy’s review, and others, of the Mecool KM6 Deluxe. Bought one a week ago and so far love it. Fast, no buffering and love the Android TV OS.

Good list and specs. I would add Magicsee N5 Plus and Ugoos AM6 Pro. Both have WiFi antennas


In fact any box with andriod 9 higher with a amlogic cpu. They are the better cpu.

Buzz 4900 xrs as well. But that’s pricy.

Thank you for all of the replies. think i will opt for a Mecool KM6 deluxe. just trying to find a reputable seller.


Hi AL.

Can you tell me were you bought your Meccool box as they differ in price here in the UK


Got mine off ebay. You can order directly from Mecool, with a troypoint discount. Search his site for more details.

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