Good free vpn but not proton

Hi all hope everyone is well
I was wondering does anyone know of a good free vpn

I still wouldn’t recommend a free VPN for streaming torrents, only for casual browsing.

At the cost of a cup of coffee per month, I would seriously think about getting a subscription to be safe.


It would be helpful to know what you’d be using the VPN for. If you plan on torrenting, you should bite the bullet and spend a couple of dollars a month for a good VPN that handles that. I originally used ExpressVPN which is excellent, but it’s expensive. Recently, I switched to NordVPN which is much cheaper and does a great job.

Remember that there are certain browsers that have built-in VPNs. Opera or OperaGX offers this and it would probably work for basic use. If you’re concerned about certain sites you’re going to, such as adult sites, you could always download and use the Tor browser.

Best of luck with whatever you decide on.


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Surf Shark and IPVanish are good and even cheaper.