Github EPG is not working,

Hello Everyone,
Does anyone know why
EPG is not working?
It hasn’t worked in about 4 days or so,


If an EPG stops working, its likely the person hosting it has stopped maintaining and updating it. Happens quite frequently, so best to always have a back-up or several EPG’s for each playlist.

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I think that one is Github’s main address,

I haven’t a clue what is happening but I lost 12 EPGs today. 12 out of 32. over 1/3. Ouch.

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Github is nice when it works but they are flooded with take down request and for the most part comply to avoid and legal action.

even my paid provider is quacking out,

It looks like cord cutters are running into challenges,
Times are changing,

New guy to this site but have been in the game for a few years now. My service has its own EPG but missing some here and there. Can someone explain the Git Hub link? Do you just add url to EPG and it fille in the holes?

It sounds like it down right now but curious if there are free EPG’s floating out there. Thanks.

Some of these may no longer work. It’s all trial and error

Pluto 1
That’s both the playlist and the EPG
for just the epg. 2
US only 4
https:// 3

just epg: 3

Stirr: 4
just epg: 1

Plex: 1
just epg: 1

Distro: 8
just epg: 3

Watch your tv: 7
just epg: 5

Local Now 2
just epg: 3

BumblebeeTV 4
just epg: 3

Nosey: 3
just epg:

Hero go tv: 1
just epg: 2 1 1 4
The State Funeral Of HM Queen Elizabeth II 1 2

Acid Jesuz: 1

Florida: 2

Unknown 2: 1


Looks like all the links aren’t working at least at the bottom of your list

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Thanks! It took awhile but I found one. It didn’t cover them all but at least I have a few more.

I think they may end in .xml.gz or xml

The ones ending in xml are your standard EPGs, the ones ending with the xml.gz are compressed EPG. They all work the same for me. Lost 15 EPGs today not a good sign.

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Acid jesuz is a great one.


I know bummer,
I have all that you posted, but The local and some PBS do not work anymore, as of yet,

That’s the one I found that worked, thanks!
may work too,


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