GhostHosting-Anyone ever heard of them?

Has anyone heard of GhostHosting? Received an email from them but have never heard of them. I am trying to locate a service that can provide live NFL games.

Thats very easy. What device ate you using? If it’s a firestick it’s as easy as installing the Silk browser, opening it up and type in
and then enter. Now that’s an example of just one site.

is another one. I have at least 6 sites and never need an app. Silk browser rarely buffers for me and I never miss any NFL,MBA, NHL game or any sport for that matter.
Those should help you get started. I just watched the motogp qualifying at circuit of the americas from start to finish. Never buffered once. Good luck. btw, I never stream without a vpn and I’m in Mexico hooked to servers in the U.S.

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