Gemini iptv communication

Does anyone know how to contact gemini iptv, i have tried through there website,then someone said Telegram.I am utterly useless about telegram,and know nothing about how to use it there taking my money and im getting no service. Please fellow troypointers please have a brainstorm and help a fellow member out .Thanks in advance. Jimmy

Sorry,i posted on wrong forum, i will re-post on iptv section

I was just there to check and had no problem loging in.

Im sorry, i meant it does not recognize my username and password when trying to sign in on the television.Cant figure out telegram for the life of me.

This kinda happen to me. I has saved my last email with my login info. The email says do not respond for it’s a computer. Well do it anyway. The computer will send you an email back that says …… whatever!!! Anyways it will recommend you to use telegram for questions. It will send you a new link saying contact telegram through this link. Click it. And will take you there. You can’t use telegram unless you are invited. Your original in cute could have expired. The point is you need a new invite. Hope this helps. Did my best. Worked for me. :v:

Jimmy, I had an IPTV service for awhile that required the use of Telegram…totally and completely worthless…I wouldn’t touch any service that depends on Telegram to contact for problems and questions

Not sure but try clearing the data and then reinstalling your user and password that might help not sure

Thanks for all the replies guys