Fully loaded Android box

I recently received an email from androidpcreview.com which highly promoted a fully loaded android box from Tanggula. “ ​[The box is currently available directly from Tanggula]. (https://click.convertkit-mail.com/o8uo7nzzzcqhqw2k4bv/e0hph7hk7428m2a8/aHR0cHM6Ly90YW5nZ3VsYXR2Ym94LmNvbS8_cmVmPWtha2hyLWx5dmQweg==) for a one-off payment of $299 , after which there are no monthly fees for continued access to all your entertainment content. It is also incredibly easy to use—just plug it in, connect to your internet, and you are ready to go.” Would anyone out there have any news/feedback on this item??

300 bucks ? thats a lot for a 50 buck box you can program yourself for free just watch the troypoint vids



Don’t do jt.

If you’re spending that kind of money you get a nvida pro

But you can spend 50 and it will do the same.


Hey Ehzed…

Run!.. dont walk
Away from that deal…

Like Dav & Drac said, thats 10x too much. Start with a simple 4k firestik for $30…

Come here & TP… & we’ll get you goin’

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Not to mention that things constantly change very quickly, so a “fully loaded” anything can be worthless (of sideloads)by the time you get it.

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