Fubo TV... what is this and can it be stopped

While trying to catch up on a show 9/12 commercials keep interrupting the show and then in the middle of the show it stops altogether saying we are experiencing server issues and to check status.fubo.tv What the heck is this? I tried multiple apk’s and the same thing pops up on all of them. Any suggestions on what if anything to do about this?

Well, I do know that fubo TV is a higher end cable replacement, similar to Sling Tv. I assume you’re not a subscriber to it now or in the past. I’d take a peek at my list of apps and make sure you know what each one is and remove any in question.
You say you’ve tried multiple apk’s… were those already installed or did you download them and install fresh after you noticed this issue? If so, maybe remove and download a fresh copy to see if that helps
I’m only familiar with Fire tv/sttick devices…and if it was me, I’d probably do a factory reset to default settings, jump over to Troys rapid app installer and get a couple apps to try out.