Free streaming apps

when going into the free streaming apps or websites and it ask for a credit card to verify your account… is this safe and legit??

I would absolutely under no circumstances give this or any other information out for a free streaming app.


Never fall for the scam and never give out personal info. Plenty of free legit sites that will not ask for anything other than offer up ads. Pluto, Zumo, Plex, Tubi, Crackle and many more are free with no ties.


Most likely they are selling your info. That’s how all the spammers get into your email, text, and phone.


When visiting these websites, make sure your browser has an adblocker like uBlock Origin, etc.
A free apk shouldn’t be asking for payment info. Don’t ever EVER give out this type of info unless you are purchasing a legitimate service.


PM the app please. I’m curious.

I don’t have the list in front of me, but of your 34 best streaming apps at least half of them are asking for a credit card to verify account.

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Philo? Thats a legal app. The review outlines it, if you read any of the reviews they tell you all the legal disclaimers btw, and if they are paid apps. This is why i asked if you could point out the app for me, i will investigate. We never tell you to put in info or any personal info into anything that’s not legal or crossing that line. We give you warnings on everything.

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