FREE & LEGAL M3U for Music!

There are over 13,500 music stations from all over the world on this m3u. An epg for them is coming but will take a while per the developer’s words and it will only be a generic epg. Meaning same thing for all stations but really needs one?

Obviously I haven’t listened to every channel, but I am listening tpo one now and it is GREAT! SHOUTcast Oldies 100

Btw, the stations will play and the screen will be black.

If you are a radio person then this is it! You can install it on your tivimate or any other app that accepts m3u urls. You can also pair it via bluetooth to your jbl or otjer speaker source.

Btw, COPY & PASTE is a must for this long azz code! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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believe it or not…I actually listen to more radio than I watch tv. I go to bed with the radio on, wake up to the radio…listen to radio to around 3pm and I turn on the tv till I go to bed and back to radio… its a vicious cycle :crazy_face: :joy:

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