Free IPTV and Movies

I love my gbox streamer. After the purchase price of $179.00 CDN I get all the tv sports and movies for free that would cost me $100.00 to $200.00 monthly and if I want to I can pay for streams that I want but I don’t pay for anything except the best internet signal that I can get and learn how to tolerate some loss of signal. What do you all think?

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Im not entirely sure what you mean? I saved money by buying a box and getting all my apks and now i get everything, its been a great switch. im not sure about the box you are talking about.

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It’s a gbox made by google

Hi @Marcel1YpSsmjcs2237
Stock android boxes give you access to lots and lots of apps, but not all are optimized for the TV. AndroidTV boxes, are optimized for TV, but access to optimized apps is less, but you can sideload any apps you want though.
So I guess it depends on an individual’s preferences. Each person is different and will use their device differently and for different reasons.

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