Free Alternative for Safety Dot

Is there a free alternative for safty dot?



Not yet that I’m aware of.

at least for me the core functionality is free again. not seeing the popup anymore

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Same here. I just ignored the premium button, set the dot back the way I use to have it. It’s been running perfectly all day for me. 8hrs+ now. No popups.

Idid thr same thanks Mjki


I just wrote my own VPN Monitor Dot app for FREE - download at - Enjoy!

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Clicking your download link does nothing. No APK

Are you talking about the “Download VPN Monitor Dot for Firestick APK” link at the bottom of the website page? If so, it works on multiple devices for me.

Yes I am. It doesn’t work on my 4K Max or my Android phone. Click it and nothing happens.

I made a change to the link, try it again now…

Ok works on my phone now but not on my Max using either es file explorer or the downloader app. On my max I get an “invalid URL” popup.

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Since it worked on your phone, that kinda proves the link is working, so I don’t know why your max is saying otherwise.


The link is now working on my Android phone, but not on a FireTV device. So yes it’s partly working.
Push comes to shove I’ll download the APK on my phone and transfer to my Max with EFT or A2F.

I have no idea why the link is not working on the Max.

Me either. But I’m not a coder. Oh well. That’s life.

Have you tried sideloading the apk?

Here is my VPN connection monitoring tool. Does the same as the Basic Plan in VPNSafertyDot.
So only VPN connection tracking (no additional IP Leak and DNS Leak tracking!)
I think the VPNSafetyDot added that in their premium plan.

Enter in downloader to download the Monitoring tool

Have fun :slight_smile:


Okay… Unless we get approval from troy we won’t be using his platform to promote products for money.

Free, but asking for donations… pm troy please regarding this further.

Other than that if your helping users i don’t have an issue.