Formuler Z11 Pro Max No Audio

Just got the Z11 Pro Max; followed Troy’s set up video. It runs great, looks great, but NO AUDIO. I’ve tried everything. (Yes, Muting is off). No streaming app has any video, not just MyTVOnline, but Prime, Mhz Choice, YouTube… No audio at all. I’ve seen a few posts about this, but no resolutions. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions?

Two things you could try, go into device preferences >>display and sound >>Advanced sound settings>> select formats and click on none. Another thing to try is download audio optimizer app from market app store on device, open app and run it. Hope this helps.


Did you happen to check for a beta update? …HowTo Install:
Home Menu → Software Update → press “1339” → Red Icon and Beta Test SW appear (right corner) → Press Red Button → Firmware and Software are now shown, press “OK” button for install.

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