Formuler downloaded problem

I have a Formuler box and have downloaded the Troypoint downloader app but it will not install. Has anyone else had this problem?

enable unknown sources and possibly disable play protect

TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer


Thank you for that. I have managed to download kodi 19.4 and enabled unknown sources but when I try to install it I get the message “app not installed” where can I go from here?


I have this brand of box and the first thing you do is make sure you enable from unkown sources, put the RAI on the box then from there install kodi. It works just fine. I would uninstall and start from scratch so everything is covered. I have done it this way on my firestick, ugoos, z8 and many others.

Thank you, now it’s saying I don’t have enough memory so I’ll get a usb stick and try again

not enough memory? is this a 32gb or bigger?

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