Forks + debrid question

  1. There are a number of Fen forks (Ezra, Adina, etc.) out there now. Is it safe to assume that the only differences between them are a) they are hosted in different repos, and so may have different quality maintenance, and b) they have different artwork? Are there any other criteria to look at when choosing between them?
  2. I noticed that Diggs has a Kodi 19.3 fork. Is there any way that this would be superior to a non-forked Kodi with Xenon?
  3. A while ago someone–I believe it was Miki–said he used both real debrid & all debrid. Is there any advantage other than redundancy if one goes down to using more than one debrid service? Is using two debrid services equivalent to running, say, RD with Orion (since now that Orion is only accepting crypto I want no part of it).
    And thanks to all of you, as always.

There has never been a single time I haven’t found what I’m looking for simply by using the crew and real debrid when you configure it correctly. My personal opinion… People over complicate things.


Kingpin is a new Venom clone if you want a new addon, but I agree with @Jayhawks659 The Crew and Real-debrid are hard to beat

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Problem is that (with no Wolfpack influence) I personally dislike the Crew, like(d) Venom, Fen &

The Promise is a very good one also.

Loonatics Empire is a descent Venom fork.
The only thing I have noticed to be missing, “that was present in the latest iterations of Venom” is, the ability to reverse the sort order of the sources output dialog. Thus, making it to where smaller file sizes can be shown toward the top of each quality sort group. Thus, making it much easier to pick a stream and go.

Im still waiting patiently, and, hoping it will be implemented in LE as well though.

If you liked Seren, you might like Nightwing from the magnetic repo.

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